Welcome to libmodsynth.sourceforge.net

Here you can download DSSI plugins written with LibModSynth, as well as the API itself, and a selection of other open source software and development tools for making music with Linux, and developing music software for Linux.

For Musicians

The LibModSynth project offers a suite of DSSI plugins. Currently available plugins are:

  • Ray-V, an analog style lead synthesizer
  • LMS Distortion
  • LMS Comb, a comb filter
  • LMS Filter, and multimode filter

To get the libmodsynth plugin suite, go to the downloads page. There you will also find pre-compiled binaries of other useful applications for producing audio with Linux.

For Developers

LibModSynth is a library of high quality audio DSP modules built with sound quality, CPU efficiency and interoperability in mind. The library is designed to make writing plugins easy, even if you have little or no experience programming in C, C++ or Qt.

Currently, there is no official release of the API, because it has not been frozen yet, and any part of it is still subject to change. You can, however, use the library by cloning the GIT repository, with the understanding that your plugins may not be directly forward-compatible with future stable releases. Within the GIT repository, you will find an INSTRUCTIONS.txt file that explains in detail how to build, debug, package and fork each plugin simply by invoking the build.pl script in each plugin folder. LibModSynth plugins are designed to be easy to fork into an excellent starting point for your own GPL plugins.

The project's Git repository can be found here.

If you would like to have your plugins added to the official LibModSynth plugins suite, and they meet reasonable standards for quality and stability, please send me a message via the main sourceforge page.

Project Status

The library itself is in alpha status. It is functional enough to be considered stable and capable of writing a reasonable plugin, however, it is not feature complete, and may change without warning. Any released plugins are considered stable. Please see the respective websites of any 3rd party component providers for their status, or support.